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We are specialized in menus with seasonal raw materials and gluten-free foods. Our working values, quality and passion are the basis of the dedication to a concept of high-quality restaurant services aimed at taking care of each  individual detail and at respecting our customers whom we offer the typical taste of the Mediterranean cuisine with specialties from regional traditions. We are specialized in bread-making directly baked in our ovens, therefore we succeed in offering also gluten-free products for all those clients who are intolerant to specific allergens..

The importance of raw materials
and of fresh seasonal products

The Zaccardis show their passion for catering through the attention paid to every single detail, starting from the raw materials which are of paramount importance for a high-quality production. We select only seasonal menus because cuisine is a cultural expression which cannot but be based on locally-produced, top-quality fresh products.

Mediterranean Cuisine
Between tradition and experimentation

We stress the regional cooking tradition and the Mediterranean cuisine while constantly trying new experiments which give value added to our traditional heritage.

Home-made bread and Gluten-free Pizza!

We are specialized in gluten-free foods and make bread which is directly baked within our ovens for a total quality control of what we serve to our customers with special attention paid to growing food intolerances which we take care of with special menus.

Desserteria e Wine

After Dinner is special. The “Antico Casale La Carovana” is the ideal place to end an evening by tasting wines from our important wine cellar and our very good desserts. You will find a perfect atmosphere to end your day.

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