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The Zaccardi Family
between tradition and future

It all started when Granpa Giovanni was still a young boy who left Abruzzo to follow his father in Switzerland. After many experiences, he came to Rome in 1970 and fell in love with a small restaurant on Via Casilina 449  which he bought to start his entrepreneurial adventure and he opened his restaurant in 1971 with the name “La Carovana” which soon became one of the most popular restaurants in Rome. Because of its increasing success and only 200 seats available,  Giovanni decided to look for a bigger facility which he found in 1974 at “Villa De Santis”, at 675 via Casilina, next to Elena’s Mausoleum and the SS. Marcellino e Pietro Basilica. Giovanni turned Villa De Santis into a facility which could host up to 1,000 people.

After 30 years and many and fond customers, Giovanni, together with his family which in the meantime had grown, decided to restructure an ancient abandoned farmhouse from the 1700s , in a unique location with olive trees, Mediterranean gardens, a small lake and even a Roman necropolis which gave the Zaccardi Family a unique and unrepeatable frame. So, on February 14, 2000, on the occasion of the Jubelee and after two years of renovations, the Zaccardi Family inaugurated the new and long-awaited restaurant “L’Antico Casale La Carovana”,  which is today extremely beautiful and an example of successful harmony between tradition and comfort, between a rural style and modern services.

Catering according to Zaccardi

For us “Zaccardis” family values, feeling of belonging and responsibility turn into the congenital passion for this job where there is our deepest respect and full dedication to those who trust us. This makes our slogan stand out “at the restaurant like at home” to strengthen the concept that our guests must be able to find top quality restaurant services with a genuineness and a simplicity which is typical of homemade foods, synonym of fresh seasonal products.

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Viale di Vigna Pia, 33 Roma 00149

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